Elline is a friendly character in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Her goal is to restore colour to Popstar. She is Claycia's best friend. During gameplay, the player controls her by sliding on the gamepad to tell her where to create a rainbow bridge.


Elline is a friendly, diligent girl, as shown by her willingness to retake Planet Popstar's colors. Despite this, she is easily frightened by bosses and Claycia's actions when possessed. She cares very much about her friends and wants to see them all happy.

Elline is obsessed with art. She paints with all her heart, draws in her Secret Diary, and considers herself to be somewhat of an art critic. Elline's innocent, juvenile imagination is displayed in her Secret Diary.

Physical Appearance

Elline is a fairy who strongly resembles a paintbrush. She has peach skin on her face and hands, pink blush, blue eyes, and brown eyebrows. Her rainbow hair—which is comprised of yellow, orange, pink, blue, turquoise, green, and purple stripes—ends in a point atop her head. She has a pink body adorned with a red brooch, a white underside, and wings. These wings are half turquoise and half lavender in color.

When Elline converts into her paintbrush form, her body lengthens and the bump on her underside becomes more pronounced. Her hair covers her face. The fairy also loses her wings and hands when she takes this form.


  • Elline is portrayed with feet and a halo (like an angel) in her initial concept artwork.
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