​Ella​ is one of the many characters in Mario Golf: Advance Tour. She, along with Neil, is a student of the great golfer, Kid.

Ella seems to be more calm, strategic and open-minded out of the two, while Neil is energetic and more competitive. She thinks before she acts and is very orderly and responsible, although at times can be a bit naïve. She likes cleanliness, castles, and cake.

Using the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Link Cable, Ella and Neil can be transferred to Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and can be played on the Nintendo GameCube.


Ella's design bears similarity to the character designs of Sherry and Azalea. She has light, ginger-orange hair tied back into a ponytail, and sapphire-blue eyes. She wears a white and red tennis shirt and a red and white checkered skirt over white boyshorts. Her shoes are also red and white, and her glove is trademark white. She wears a red and orange visor around her head. Her golf bag is red and white; if viewed, it is clean and nicely polished. If multiple Advance Tour saves are connected, the additional Ella's will replace their red clothing with blue.

Ella bears similar appearance traits to her Mario Tennis: Power Tour counterpart, Ace.

Ella appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a sticker.

Ella's Starting Stats in Mario Golf: Advance Tour

  • Drive: 200 Yards
  • Height: High
  • Shot: Straight
  • Impact: Wide
  • Control: Good
  • Spin: Balanced
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