Elite Beat Agents is a Nintendo DS video game released in 2006 and 2007 by Nintendo. The game is a westernized version of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, which had proved successful in Japan. It's a rhythm game in which a secret organization funded by the government dances to help people through often outrageous problems. It was critically acclaimed for it's innovative contributions to the music genre, currently having an average of 88% on


The game revolves around the Elite Beat Agents, a group of government employees who specialize in helping people. The story varies on the level, with some levels being not very serious (such as helping a babysitter ask out her friend), while some are (such as helping a former baseball player defeat a lava golem). The Agents the player plays as depends on the difficulty. On Breezin' (Easy), the playable agent is Agent Spin. On Cruisn' (Medium), the playable agent is Agent J. Beating Cruisn' unlocks Sweatin', or hard. On Sweatin', the playable agent is Agent Chieftain. For Agents Spin, J, and Chieftan, their back-up dancers are Agent Derek and Agent Morris. Beating Sweatin' unlocks a super hard mode called Hard Rock!, where the playable agents are the Elite Beat Divas. The player plays as Starr, while the back-up dancers are Missy and Foxx.

Level Plots[]

Level Name Song and Original Artist Cover Artist Plot
Trio of Mayhem! Love and Boyfriends! Steriogram-Walkie Talkie Man Jason Paige A babysitter named Jane wants to ask out her friend, a football player named Don Tanner. Right as she's about to ask Don out, the door rings and one of Jane's clients drops her three kids off without any previous warning, even though it's her day off. Jane calls the EBA to help her take care of the kids while also trying to ask out Don.
Red Carpet Premiere! Smash Hit or Box Office Crash!! Sum 41-Makes No Difference Vinn Lombardo A movie director named Chris Silverscreen is making a romance movie called Romancing Meowzilla. However, production is not going well, and the props are shoddily made. Chris's boss Mr. Fanny tells him that if the movie is not a success, Chris will be fired. Chris calls the EBA to help him create a successful film.
Hey Taxi! To the Hospital, and Hurry!! Avril Levigne-Sk8er Boi Angela Michael A taxi driver named Jack has a tendency to drive at extreme speeds when delivering his passengers. A policeman named Poncho tells Jack that if he catches him going over the speed limit again, Jack will have his driver's license revoked. Just as Jack is about to end his shift for the night, a pregnant woman named Linda hops in his car and demands he drives to the hospital so she can deliver her baby. Jack calls the EBA to help get him to the hospital quickly without getting his license revoked.
Art and Beauty! Love and Happiness!? Freddie Mercury/Queen-I Was Born To Love You Paul Vician Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci (referred to as Leo and Leonard) is extremely popular with the ladies. He paints them and gives the paintings away, causing him to gain popularity. As he is walking down the street one day, he suddenly realizes he cannot fathom what "true beauty" is. Suddenly, he notices a woman (based off of the Mona Lisa) walking down the street. He walks up to her and offers her some of his artwork, but she refuses. Despite her refusal, Leo still attempts to court her, but she punches him and he falls into the water. He calls the EBA to help him get the woman to fall in love with him.
Magic Meets Madness! The Show Must Go On! Stray Cats-Rock This Town Mark Latham A second-rate magician Thomas Petree loses all of his money to a slot machine at a casino, causing his assistant Angelina to angrily punch him. Angelina scolds him, as the money Thomas used on the slot machine was that month's paycheck. Thomas tells Angelina that they have nothing to worry about, as he believes they'll earn enough money from the upcoming magic show. However, the casino's manager tells them that their show is cancelled, and he cannot pay them. This is because the casino has been taken over by the Fullhouse Bandits, who take the manager hostage and are planning to steal all the money. Thomas calls upon the EBA to help him and Angelina defeat the bandits.
A Pug's Life! 400 Miles from Home! Deep Purple-Highway Star Kaleb James A boy named Ted (who is also one of the children of Sofie Hudson from the eighth level) and his dog Sam arrive to a park basketball court late. While Ted and his friends play basketball, Sam takes a nap on a hay bale. However, this hay bale is on the back of a pick-up truck, which drives away. When Ted is finished playing basketball, he is unable to find Sam. When Sam wakes up, he realizes he's in the middle of the desert, still on the back of the truck, 400 miles from home. Sam calls the EBA to help him get back home safely.
Ahoy, Mates! Sunken Delights and Treasure!! Village People-Y.M.C.A. TC Moses Captain Brooke of the S.S. Discovery, a sea loving sailor, is unable to find any treasures for his crew. Angry, Brooke's crew abandons him and his pet parrot. Brooke calls the EBA to help him and his parrot find treasure.
Cry Wolf! Meteorology and Parenting!! Earth, Wind and Fire-September TC Moses A boy named David Hudson calls his mom Sofie, a meteorologist, and learns she has the weekend off. Sofie promises David that on the weekend, she'll take him on a picnic. While she's on air, she looks at the producer's sign, which says that there's a 100% chance of rain. Not wanting to disappoint David, but also not wanting to get fired, Sofie claims that there will be sunny skies on the weekend. After the broadcast, Sofie calls the EBA to help her make it a sunny weekend.
Family Honor! Introducing the Secret-Weapon Ninja! Jamiroquai-Canned Heat Jason Paige The lazy heir to the car company Sushi Motors named Ken Ozu is requested by his father to the meeting room. Ken's father, the CEO, tells him that the plans for Sushi Motors' new car was stolen by their rival, Moo Moo Motors. Ken wants to call the police, but his father doesn't, due to it being a secret project. He forces Ken to dress as a ninja, infiltrate Moo Moo Motors, and recover the plans. Ken calls the EBA to help him with this task.
Survive! Celebrity Lives and Desert Isles!! Madonna-Material Girl Melissa Garber Two celebrity sisters named Norma and Isabella Carrington are on a yacht. They are adored by many men (one of which is Colonel Bob from the thirteenth level), who ask them to go out with them. Suddenly, the yacht crashes, and Norma and Isabella are left stranded on a deserted island. Norma and Isabella have no survival skills, so they call the EBA to help them while they're on the island.
NURSE!! Gold Medal Hero or Zero!! Ashlee Simpson- La La Laura Jane A sprinter named Bill Mitchell is sick one day before the 100m dash finals. His coach checks in on him, and informs him that using medicines would count as drugs and thus disqualify him. If Bill has any hope of sprinting, it's due to his immune system. Meanwhile, in Bill's immune system, Mr. Virus plans to reek havoc on Bill's body. However, Cap White, a white blood cell, opposes him, and plans to stop him. Bill and Cap simultaneously call for the EBA to help Cap stop Mr. Virus's plans.
A Christmas Gift Chicago-You're the Inspiration Julian Miranda A man named Matthew Stevens leaves home to go to work. Before he leaves, he speaks to his wife, Laura, and his daughter, Lucy. Matthew asks Lucy what she wants for Christmas from Santa Clause, and Lucy tells him that she wants a girlfriend for Teddy, her teddy bear. Before he leaves, Lucy makes Matthew promise to be home by Christmas. Six months later, Laura informs Lucy of the news. Matthew got into a car accident and died. Lucy refuses to believe this, as Matthew made a promise to her. Although Laura asks Lucy to forget about Matthew's promise, Lucy begs him to come home for Christmas. This level is notable for being the "sad level" of Elite Beat Agents. It's also noteworthy in that it's the only level where the client doesn't call for help, and Commander Kahn doesn't say his signature "Agents are... GO!" line.
Rags to Riches! Go East, Wildcatter! David Bowie-Let's Dance Delaney Wolff An oil tycoon named Colonel Bob is married to a woman who spends much of his money on things like diamonds. Suddenly, Bob is notified by one of his butlers that the oil fields have run dry, and Bob is bankrupt due to his wife's spending. Bob asks his wife what to do, to which she replies by kicking him out, as the property is in her name. Given only a shovel, Bob calls the EBA to help him become a tycoon again.
Batter Up! Home Run Hero Makes a Comeback!! Good Charlotte-The Anthem Kevin Ridel Hulk "The King" Bryman was once a extremely successful baseball player. During one of his games, he promised a young fan that he would hit another home run the next day. However, Hulk's skills start to decline, and he isn't the successful baseball player he once was. He now works as a janitor at a theme park. While working there, he's recognized by the fan that he promised earlier, but he denies being Hulk. Suddenly, a large lava golem appears and clasps the fan in his hand. Hulk calls the EBA to help him save his fan and defeat the golem.
No More Music!? The Last Hope!! Hoobastank-Without a Fight and The Rolling Stones-Jumping Jack Flash Kevin Ridel (Without a Fight), Billy Fogarty (Jumping Jack Flash) A group of aliens called the Rhombulans invade Earth. The Rhombulans hate music, and people that make music are petrified, including the Queen's Guard in London, hula dancers in Honolulu, and a rock band in New York City. Don and Jane from the first level are spectating the concert, and they look up into the sky and notice the aliens. The Rhombulans introduce themselves and announce their intent to conquer the world, while Jack, Linda, and her baby from the third level spectate. The Rhombulans petrify anyone making music.

In one of the Rhombulan Detention Centers, many people, including the clients from the previous levels, are being held. Hulk Bryman, from the fourteenth level, cannot take it, and cries for help. The other prisoners hear him, and start calling for help as well. In the nearby ocean, a star shaped hole emerges in the water, and the Elite Beat Agents fly out of it. The EBA inspire the prisoners to create music to destroy the Rhombulans. The Rhombulan mothership tries to petrify the prisoners, but the agents jump in the way and are petrified instead.

The prisoners start to lose hope. Many are crying. Lucy Stevens, from the twelfth level, starts to chant for the EBA. The rest of the prisoners join in, and the chanting is enough to free the agents. Starting from this point, the song is Jumping Jack Flash, and not Without a Fight. Because of the agents, everyone across the world is making music and chanting "Music lives!" The chanting creates a large laser beam which pierces the eye of the Rhombulan mothership, destroying it and saving the world.

In addition to these levels, there are three levels unlocked by achieving high scores and hitting a certain rank.

Level name Song and Original Artist Cover Artist Plot
Aspire! Dancing to the Limelight!! Cher-Believe Lynn Rose Amanda Straw is a waitress who moved to New York City to follow her dreams of becoming a dancer. However, her fantasies sometimes cause her to fail at her work. One day, after accidentally pouring too much coffee for a customer, she's warned by her boss that another slip-up could cost her her job. She gets a call from her boyfriend Rex, who tells her to come home. Rex does not believe Amanda can become a dancer. When Amanda returns to her apartment, she's shocked to see an eviction notice on her door. Evicted from her home, and not close to achieving her goal, Amanda calls for the EBA as a last resort.
Here, Kitty Kitty! Baby Hijinks! The Jackson 5-ABC TC Moses and Brittany Kertesz A cat named Max is playing with his owner's son, a baby named Alden. His owner tells Max to look over Alden while she goes to the store and gets Max's favorite fish. Max fantasizes about the fish, making him forget about Alden for a moment. When he remembers, he notices Alden falling off of the apartment railing, but luckily, Alden falls onto a construction girder. Max calls the EBA to help him rescue Alden from the construction site.
The Last Laugh! Just a Peanut Matter!! Destiny's Child-Survivor April Harmony An easily angered peanut worker named Jake Irons gets a call from his co-worker Danny. While driving his truck, he takes a break at a truck stop to grab a bite to eat. While eating his burger, he hears a news report about people being turned to zombies spread by a disease via kisses. The newscaster is turned into one of these zombies while giving the report. The zombies giggle a lot, and Jake hates giggling, so he calls upon the EBA to help him turn everyone back to normal. Luckily, the disease can be reverted by peanuts.


The Elite Beat Agents were featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy. The Elite Beat Agents and Elite Beat Divas appeared as Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Some of the features implemented in this game were later ported to the Japanese only Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for the Nintendo DS featured gameplay similar to that of Elite Beat Agents during battles despite being a role-playing game and not a rhythm title.

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