Elisanne is a playable character in Dragalia Lost.


Elisanne is a young adult with long blonde and pink eyes. Her hair is tied into a ponytail in the right. She wears a blue sleeveless outfit with white stockings and sliver boots. On her hair is a bunny ear like ribbon.

Official Description

A knight of the Ilian Church, and a prodigy whose skill gained her the rank of Paladyn. However, she's currently been branded a heretic and is being actively pursued. Though tough, she secretly has some softer interests.

Official Description (Halloween Elisanne)

While Elisanne has taken quite a liking to her Halloween costume, she still feels more than a little embarrassed to actually wear it. Which of these feelings will win out in the end? Only the vampire herself can decide...

Official Description (Wedding Elisanne)

The mighty Paladyn dons a white wedding dress and takes up her place at the front line to secure peace and victory for her land—as well as to remain with the man she secretly loves.

Official Description (Gala Elisanne)

The Grand Paladyn serves as a model and leader to all other Paladyns—and Elisanne finds herself the youngest ever to be appointed to the position. Clad in white armor blessed over several months, Elisanne decisively faces the Goddess's foes.

Official Description (Kimono Elisanne)

Eager to enjoy a quiet, reflective year-end, Elisanne dresses in the finest of traditional New Year's kimonos from Hinomoto. But fate has other plans, and what follows is a whirlwind of altercations, accidents, and AAAWKWARD.

Official Profile

Posted by the Dragalia Lost Twitter account on April 4, 2022.[1]

  • Hobbies: Reading romance novels
  • Talents: Ballroom dancing
  • Likes: Cute things
  • Dislikes: Illogical people


  • Elisanne is tied with Cleo for the most alternate appearances out of any adventurer, with four.