Elio ​is a Pokémon trainer and the male protagonist in the games Pokémon Sun and Moon alongside Selene, and at the end of the games, they become the first ever Champion of the Alola region.


Elio is first greeted by Professor Kukui on his computer. His mother reveals that they have moved to the warm and sunny Alola region from Kanto. She asks Meowth to wake up Elio. Meowth wakes up Elio and he heads downstairs. Professor Kukui comes and tells Elio about Alola and the Kahunas. He invites the player to come join him outside, and Elio's mother tells him that his hat and bag are in his room. When Elio gets his items, he joins Kukui outside. Kukui tells Elio about Iki Town and the Kahuna, Hala, and lets him explore.

Elio soon sees a mysterious girl with a Poke Ball design bag that is shaking with something in it. Elio follows the girl. A strange creature pops out and rushes over an old bridge, but the girl is too worried to go after it. Three Spearow come and attack the Pokemon, so she tasks Elio to go after it. Elio protects the Pokemon, but the bridge breaks and Elio falls but is saved by Tapu Koko. It later gives Elio the Sparkling Stone.

The girl then introduces herself as Lillie, and is the professor's assistant. She tells Elio that the Pokemon is a Cosmog and is nicknamed Nebby. Because Lillie isn't a Pokemon trainer, she asks Elio if could take her back to Iki Town. When they reach Iki Town, they are met by Hala and Kukui. Lillie tells them of what happened at the bridge, and Kukui and Hala reward Elio for his bravery his own starter Pokemon.

Kukui then gives Elio the Rotom Pokedex and a Trainer Passport. Elio soon meets Hau, the grandson of Hala. Hau and Elio have a friendly battle while Lillie watches. After the battle, Elio returns home and shows his mother his brand new Pokemon. His mother thinks the Pokemon is both cute and cool. Elio, after catching more Pokemon and gaining more experience, is invited to participate in the Fighting Festival. His first opponent is Hau. After winning the battle, Elio is awarded the Z-Ring. Later, while Elio is out exploring, Lillie tells Elio about Nebby and pleads him not to tell anyone about it in order to keep its existence a secret. She then leaves.

In Ultra Sun and Moon, there are more signs of Lillie having a crush on Elio. This isn't the same for Selene however.


  • Some Pokémon fans have made jokes about Elio and Selene for rarely showing other emotions rather than smiling. This is referenced in Pokémon Masters EX.