​Eleonora Yumizuru ​is a playable character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.


Eleonora is a seventeen-year-old (sixteen in the Japanese version), half-Japanese half-Scandinavian girl who aims to be a star in Hollywood. She is a young up and coming actress as well as a Mirage Master. Her birthday is January 29. Eleonora joins the party when the others go to rescue Barry Goodman, surprising them when she reveals she already has a Mirage Partner, Virion.

She initially is starring in a new drama "Dandelion in Love" in which her character is in love with the idea of love, but it hasn't been getting good ratings. It is eventually rebranded into the horror show "Horror Hunter Angel" with Kuen Tarachino as showrunner and her character becoming the monster-hunting heroine.

Eleonora's drive to make it to Hollywood stems from her insecurity from being biracial as she feels it makes her stand out and believes becoming a Hollywood star would allow her to find her own place.

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