Electroweb (JP) is a damage-dealing Electric-type move introduced in the fifth generation. It is only learned naturally by the Joltik family


Electroweb deals moderate damage and then lowers the target's speed by one stage. It targets adjacent foes.


By leveling up

Pokémon Type Level
PKMN595 Joltik BugBugElectricElectric 15
PKMN596 Galvantula BugBugElectricElectric 15

By breeding

Pokémon Type Parent Egg Group
PKMN167 Spinarak BugBugPoisonPoison Bug
PKMNSM736 Grubbin BugBug Bug

By tutor

Pokémon Type Game
PKMN010 Caterpie BugBug BW2ORAS
Metapod BugBug BW2ORAS
Butterfree BugBugFlyingFlying BW2ORAS
Weedle BugBugPoisonPoison BW2ORAS
Kakuna BugBugPoisonPoison BW2ORAS
Beedrill BugBugPoisonPoison BW2ORAS
Pikachu ElectricElectric ORAS
Raichu ElectricElectric ORAS
Magnemite ElectricElectricSteelSteel BW2ORAS
Magneton ElectricElectricSteelSteel BW2ORAS
Electabuzz ElectricElectric BW2ORAS
Porygon NormalNormal BW2ORAS
Mew PsychicPsychic BW2ORAS
Spinarak BugBugPoisonPoison BW2ORAS
Ariados BugBugPoisonPoison BW2ORAS
Pichu ElectricElectric ORAS
Mareep ElectricElectric ORAS
Flaaffy ElectricElectric ORAS
Ampharos ElectricElectric ORAS
Porygon2 NormalNormal BW2ORAS
Elekid ElectricElectric BW2ORAS
Wurmple BugBug BW2ORAS
Silcoon BugBug BW2ORAS
Beautifly BugBugFlyingFlying BW2ORAS
Cascoon BugBug BW2ORAS
Dustox BugBugPoisonPoison BW2ORAS
Plusle ElectricElectric ORAS
Minun ElectricElectric ORAS
Burmy BugBug BW2ORAS
Wormadam BugBugGrass/Ground/Steel BW2ORAS
Mothim BugBugFlyingFlying BW2ORAS
Pachirisu ElectricElectric ORAS
Magnezone ElectricElectricSteelSteel BW2ORAS
Electivire ElectricElectric BW2ORAS
Porygon-Z NormalNormal BW2ORAS
Rotom ElectricElectricGhostGhost BW2ORAS
Sewaddle BugBugGrassGrass BW2ORAS
Swadloon BugBugGrassGrass BW2ORAS
Leavanny BugBugGrassGrass BW2ORAS
Emolga ElectricElectricFlyingFlying ORAS
Joltik BugBugElectricElectric BW2ORAS
Galvantula BugBugElectricElectric BW2ORAS
Thundurus ElectricElectricFlyingFlying ORAS
Genesect BugBugSteelSteel BW2ORAS
Spewpa BugBug ORAS
Vivillon BugBugFlyingFlying ORAS
Helioptile ElectricElectricNormalNormal ORAS
Heliolisk ElectricElectricNormalNormal ORAS
Dedenne ElectricElectricFairyFairy ORAS
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