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Electronic Gaming Monthly (also called EGM) is a monthly magazine that features video game news, previews, reviews, and more. They were created in 1988. The debut magazine featured Mega Man 2 for the NES on the cover.


  • Letters - Letters that fans have sent in, as well as the Letter of the Month, the Post Office, Game Design-O-Rama, and a Bonus Gallery.
  • Press Start - All the latest news on gaming, as well as interviews, afterthoughts, and more.
  • Cover Story - The info on the game or feature that was on the cover.
  • Reviews - Reviews of all the latest games, featuring 3 reviews from different staff members for each game.
  • Reviews Wrap-Up - Small reviews on games that aren't very popular, or were to late to have a full review.
  • Reviews Archive - A reviews archive of games from past issues.
  • Seanbaby's Rest of the Crap - Usually a list of reviews of bad games, or just random features made by Sean.
  • Crossword Puzzle - A crossword puzzle about videogames.
  • Grudge Match - A match on which selected subject is better.
  • EGM Retro - A look back at classic video games.
  • Next Month - A look at what will be in next month's issue.
  • Hsu and Chan - A monthly comic.


  • Dan "Shoe" Hsu - Editor in Chief, Reviewer
  • Mark Macdonald - Excutive Editor, Reviewer
  • Crispin Boyer - Senior Editor, Reviewer
  • Demian Linn - Reviews Ediror, Reviewer
  • Jennifer Tsao - Managing Editor, Reviewer
  • Shane Bettenhausen - Previews Editor, Reviewer
  • Bryan Inthar - News Editor, Reviewer
  • Jon Dudlak - Reviewer
  • Christan Nutt - Reviewer
  • Greg Sewart - Reviewer
  • Robert Ashley - Reviewer
  • Greg Ford - Reviewer
  • Kathleen Sanders - Reviewer
  • Justin Speer - Reviewer
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