The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2008 (stylized as simply E3 2008) was the fourteenth annual E3 convention held.

The Wii MotionPlus was announced by Nintendo on July 14, 2008 and is a device that connects to the bottom of the Wii Remote to allow a straight time response in gameplay with the Wii Sensor Bar and the Wii Remote. A demo of Wii Music was unvieled on July 15, 2008 revealing support for the Wii Balance Board and the Nunchuck. The Wii Speak was also introduced, which is a microphone that players can use to communicate with each other, and of course, connects to the bottom of the Wii Remote. A successor to the very popular Wii Sports was also unviled called Wii Sports Resort. Lastly, a new Legend of Zelda game was announced with two new Mario games.

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