The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2003 (commonly known as E3 2003) was a major event for the game industry, happening from May 13-16, 2003. Only the big three held press conferences during the event in the Los Angeles Convention Center.


The show started off with George Harrison and him summarizing the successes of Nintendo in 2003 including Zelda and Pokemon. Soon after, they started a look at upcoming games including Mario Kart: Double Dash!! While remarking the success of the Game Boy Advance, they brought up the Game Boy Player and the e-Reader.

Satoru Iwata came out next to discuss the issues and his plans to solve. Here, he mentions the new Tokyo office for EAD along with expanded Nintendo EAD. The first game from their Triforce effort, F-Zero GX, was to come out soon. Iwata mentioned that Factor 5 was working on a GameCube exclusive on top of the new Rogue Squadron game. A version of Resident Evil 4 was teased though it showed an area that was scrapped from the final game. Many Japanese third party games were promoted.

Shigeru Miyamoto came out with Bill Trinen translating. Will Wright also came out to show The Sims to discuss connectivity between GameCube and Game Boy Advance. Miyamoto also demoed Four Swords for GameCube and Pac-Man VS to demonstrate the connectivity more. Hideo Kojima was brought out to demonstrate the remake, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

It went back to Iwata to show a GameCube reel before they moved onto Media Q&A.

Games showcased


Game Boy Advance


Nintendo's press conference
Nintendo E3 2003 Press Conference

Nintendo E3 2003 Press Conference

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