Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA) is an American video game developer and publisher. It was founded by Trip Hawkins. They are best known for their hit titles such as the Madden NFL series, The Sims, the Medal of Honor series, the Command & Conquer series, the FIFA series, the Rock Band series, and various other titles.

Hawkins recalled that American publishers "avoided" the NES.[1] Bing Gordon, a former EA CCO, recalled that Nintendo's original licensing agreement required EA to purchase a development kit for a "ridiculous price" and that when a game was finished, Nintendo would decide whether or not the game could be manufactured.[2]

Studios and divisions

The EA Sports logo.

The EA Sports BIG logo.

The company holds numerous subsidiaries around the world. The following are the console/PC studios:

  • BioWare
  • Criterion Games
  • EA Canada
  • EA Montreal
  • EA Motive
  • EA Tiburon
  • Ghost Games
  • The Sims Studio
  • PopCap
  • Respawn Entertainment

Former Subsidiaries

  • EA Black Box (Several members would later form Next Level Games)
  • EA Bright Light (formerly EA UK)
  • EA Los Angeles (formerly DreamWorks Interactive)
  • EA Salt Lake
  • Maxis (Studio folded into the mobile studios)
  • Pandemic Studios
  • Westwood Studios (former Virgin Interactive, folded into EA Los Angeles)
  • Visceral Games

EA Sports

EA Sports is a brand of EA that is used on their sports video games. This includes the FIFA, the Madden, and the NHL game franchises. EA also used a similar label, EA Sports BIG, for certain sports titles.

EA Partners & EA Originals

The EA Partners program was a co-publishing program where third-party developers would make games that EA would market and publish. Several original games from the mid 2000s to around 2014 would be made under this deal including the Rock Band series. The program ended after several series underperformed.

In 2016, the EA Originals program initiated after their success with Unravel. This program would publish indie titles


This is a list of games Electronic Arts has published and/or developed for Nintendo platforms.


  • Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble (1990)
  • The Immortal (1990)

Game Boy

  • Skate or Die: Tour de Thrash (1991)
  • Jordan vs Bird: One on One (1992)


Nintendo 64

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo DS


Nintendo 3DS

Wii U

Nintendo Switch