The Electric Cottonade is a large member of the Cottonade Family that serves as the fifth Boss of Hey! Pikmin. The Electric Cottonade appear as a large grey cloud with a snout and two eyes. Young Electric Cottonades are shown to be devoid of snouts and just looks like smaller white clouds with eyes.


At the start of the battle, the Electric Cottonade will start by having two shots of electricity comming out of its snout. Olimar must avoid its shots and wait until the children are away from its body to throw Yellow Pikmin at it and damage the Electric Cottonade.

Once its health is down to two thirds, it will go to the center when it's done firing the two electrical attacks, and force you to join it at the center with its electrical balls. Do so, and once the sparks on the floor disappear, you can once again go to a spot where you get a clear shot between the child Cottonades. Remember that the sideways ones will shoot down, though, so avoid staying under them.

With the health down to the last third, the strategy is roughly the same, except that after the side Cottonades shoot once, they'll move out a bit and shoot again. You should have enough time to get out of the way and move away from the edges of the arena. Everywhere else in the arena is safe when the side Cottonades begin to move, since the bottom ones will have stopped by then.


Hey! Pikmin


Hey! Pikmin Log

"A rare creature that attacks together with its family. The children build up electricity around the parent and use it to stun their prey. The parent then sucks up the stunned prey through its straw-like mouth. It's an amazing display of teamwork! Like seeing my wife and daughter at work bargaining with a shopkeeper..."

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