Elebits, known as Eledees in Europe, is a shooter game that was released on the Wii in 2006, and is developed by Konami. The game's name is based on the little creatures in the game that is the source of energy for the world. In the game, they will suddenly go on strike. Now you will use a weapon that will move items around the house, or city, to find these tiny creatures to restore the energy. During the E3 demo, you could move items such as Houses, cars, appliances, book cases, Kitchen Appliances, and many more. The game also features powerups that make your beams home in on nearby elebits, attract them to wherever you place the item, or make everything silent for a few seconds. There are boss elebits at the end of every few levels and thousands of unlockables that allow you to play the levels in different ways, or even make your own.

Types of Elebits


This game is noted for being the first game on the Wii to use the WiiConnect24 service. To use it, you will first need to create custom made levels, then send them to your friends by using the service.


In April of 2008, Konami announced a sequel to Elebits, simply called Elebits 2, for the Wii. Meanwhile, a spin-off was also confirmed for the Nintendo DS.

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