El Fuerte is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter IV. He is a Mexican luchador and chef, traveling the world in an effort to perfect his lucha libre skills and hone his cooking abilities.


El Fuerte is a short, but very muscular, Mexican man. He dresses in typical luchador uniform with black elbow pads on his arms and a gold sash on his waist. He wears short, white tights buttoned up to his thighs, with three blue stars on his rear. El Fuerte also wears white, laced, wrestling boots with golden soles. His mask follows the pattern of the rest of his outfit, being white with gold trim and having three blue stars on his forehead.

El Fuerte's brown hair sticks out of his mask in a flared out ponytail-top, and also also reaches out of the bottom of his mask.

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