Egg is a Game & Watch video game released in 1981. The game was similar to the previously released Mickey Mouse game, though due to copyright issues which prevented them from using the brand in some countries, they replaced Mickey Mouse with a wolf, though the gameplay remains essentially the same. The countries where Mickey Mouse was replaced by Egg include some Asian countries and Australia. In the Soviet Union there were the wolf and the hare from Soviet animated TV series Nu, Pogodi!. Egg was never released in Japan. Within the box were LR43 batteries, a caution leaflet, and battery stickers. The game sold an estimated 250,000 units worldwide. The game's model number is EG-26.

Interestingly, Egg was included in the Game Boy Color video game Game & Watch Gallery 3 in 1999.

Edition Differences

The differences between the first release and second release are negligible. The first version features a serial number in the inside of the game's flap, while the second version contains the previously absent "Printed in Japan" label at the corner.

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