Edward ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is a member of Daein's Dawn Brigade. He has a personal sword, Caladbolg, which he receives as a gift from Pelleas in Part III.


Prior to the formation of the Dawn Brigade and the events of Radiant Dawn, Edward lived on the streets of Daein with no family. He managed to keep his cheerful personality despite his terrible status in Daein, but he would still leave this lifestyle behind in a heartbeat. Edward started training with a sword in hopes of joining the Mad King's War in order to move up in the world, but Ashnard's death put an end to that opportunity. Once the Begnion Occupational Army started to do as they pleased in Daein, Edward fled from town to town, managing to survive. Edward soon ran into Leonardo, who had become lost and cornered by the Occupational Army, and saved him from capture. Edward then taught Leonardo some basics for survival and Leonardo taught Edward some basics for fighting, and their friendship began to form and they became best friends. The two eventually met Micaiah, Nolan and Sothe and formed the Dawn Brigade to fight for a better tomorrow for Daein.

Edward remains with the Dawn Brigade throughout their time together. Eventually he joins the Daein Liberation Army with the rest of the Dawn Brigade since their groups share a common goal. Once Daein is freed from the Begnion Occupational Army, Edward, just like the rest of the Dawn Brigade, remains in the Daein army under Micaiah’s leadership.

When Daein assists Begnion with their battle against the Laguz Alliance, Micaiah gives Edward the Caladbolg, a treasured sword of Daein, from Pelleas out of gratitude for his help in liberating Daein. Edward is overjoyed that he has access to this sword and happily comments how he feels songs will now be written about him after the war. Later in the war Edward talks to Leonardo about his desire for the war to end and to live his life in peace. However Edward does not plan to leave the army during the war and hopes to convince Micaiah and Leonardo to leave with him once the war ends. Leonardo gives him a powerful sword, a tempest blade, and comments that since Edward is so reckless it is a perfect fit for him. Edward thanks Leonardo for spending so much money with Micaiah to get him this blade.

Once peace restores to Tellius, Edward leaves the army to live a more peaceful life. However, he does visit Micaiah, who is now the Queen of Daein, to bring her good news.


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