Edge Geraldine is a player character in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

He is the prince of Eblan and a skilled ninja. He is brash and has an inflated ego, and frequently flirts with women. He is kind with a strong sense of right and wrong, and defends his kingdom no matter the price.


Edge is rude, hotheaded, and stubborn, refusing to give up his pursuit of Rubicante and not backing down from the fight despite being outmatched. He is mean and obnoxious to the party at first, but comes to appreciate their help over time. He has an unrequited crush on Rydia and flirts with other women occasionally, remarking that Rydia and Rosa make "two babes in the party". He has a short temper and uses his rage as a source of power in his rematch with Rubicante, unlocking new Ninjutsu skills.

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edge is matured, displeased with the Eblan Four's insistence to train in peacetime and thinking life would be better without the arts of war Eblan prides itself on. He cares for the Eblan Four, tolerating them and teaching them to survive and value their lives in their missions. In contrast to their previously seen relationship, it is Edge who calms a panicking Seneschal, worried about his health at his age if he continues, and he leaves the kingdom in the Seneschal's hands when he leaves to investigate the Tower of Babil.

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