Edge (JP) is a Rabbid character in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Compared to most Rabbids, she is more free-willed. She was a former leader of the Spark Hunters who were created by Cursa, who worked for them until Edge defected from them, after seeing how evil Cursa was in order to save the Sparks from them and would end up joining Mario and his team of heroes consisting of those in his own franchise and the Rabbids based off of them. Edge is a powerful swordswoman who was willing to do what is right to ensure justice has been served and she helps the heroes rescue Twinkle from Cursa's forces and has since then been their valued member since then. She is generally no-nonsense unlike the rest of the Rabbids before her and does not talk about herself very much. Her mission was to ensure the safety of the universe.

She is voiced by Lexie Kendrick in the English version and Toa Yukinari in the Japanese version.

Personality and Traits[]

M+RSOH Edge Memory


Edge is one of the most distinguishable from the rest of the Rabbid species, being much more mature, intelligent, and calmer than the rest of them. She doesn't join in on the Rabbids antics and prefers to watch or do her own thing instead. She has spoken on many occasions though she is relatively quiet and doesn't express many emotions, owing to her stoic nature, though she has smiled on multiple occasions such as when she is being very confident and on a few occasions when she is genuinely happy. She is also very strong-willed and determined in battle and is shown to be very confident about her abilities and actions and she is almost never seen being scared such as when a Giant Wildclaw entered the Sunrise Temple, she stood her ground instead of running away and she will let out a snarly hiss in return.

Edge using Stormblade

Edge using Stormblade

Edge is also notable for being the most serious of the Rabbids and acts as the voice of reason which is shown when a character gets too confident about the best-case scenario, she is the first and the quickest to remind them with a more logical outlook and she often turns out to be right about them. She has shown to have a mysterious aura about her that also makes her a formidable and terrifying adversary to those who challenge her; she has a habit of letting out an ominous and devious chuckle when she runs in gameplay or when she reaches to a near cocky level in battle with her eyes narrow and smiling with her mouth closed or opened, the latter case often showing her sharp teeth, and her physical appearance and handling the Flying Blade also adds to her unsettling and intimidating nature that she displays that sometimes even her own allies become nervous around her, with one of the cases where Augie sinks into the water while paralyzed in fear of her. These factors, coupled with her becoming legitimately angry, has resulted in Beep-0 stammering when he almost interrogates her on her past relationship with the Spark Hunters.

The Heroes concerned for Edge

The Heroes concerned for Edge's well-being.

While it was never made apparent, Edge is also shown to be somewhat insecure as well, which is revealed when she tells her origins to the heroes, and it really hammers in due to her dark past and former allegiance with not only the Spark Hunters but also having once been their commander for a time-being and the extreme evil nature of Cursa has her reconsidering her original purpose and trying to reform the Spark Hunters, but was unsuccessful when they turned against her, prompting her to leave and it implies that she was upset over losing them while choosing to move on to help save the Sparks. She does find friendship with Mario and his friends and seems to be comfortable around them and fighting with them as she saw that they have a common goal in helping the Sparks, the planets, and stopping Cursa, however she is extremely hesitant to talk about herself and the pain of losing her old friends despite her best intentions for them has her worried that they will turn her away if they found out who she originally was and she was desperate to help the Sparks and prevent them from a horrible fate of being drained of energy. As her past begins to catch up to her through their encounters with the Spark Hunters she knows very well, she becomes quieter about her past and is quick to end the topic whenever it is brought up or tell them off for intruding on her personal matters. It hits the breaking point where they confront Darkmess Edge where they ponder on how Cursa made the creature and Edge tells them that it does not know what she's made of and is determined to show it. After its defeat, Edge is unable to hide her secret anymore when she realized that everyone is greatly concerned about her and Edge's voice is noticeably much more somber when finally opens up about who she originally was and the story of her leaving them to save the Sparks as well as the reason why she never told them in the first place, that she was greatly afraid that they would stop trusting her, making one of the few times where she was actually scared. It took the heroes to reassure her that her good deeds have already earned their trust and is a part of their family now, that Edge feels a huge sense of relief of easing the magnitude of her past and is forever grateful enough to stay with them after saving the universe from Cursa.

Edge with Rabbid Peach and Princess Peach

Edge with Rabbid Peach and Princess Peach.

Despite her rough side, Edge is a very noble and honorable warrior deep down and even when she has reasons to hold a grudge against the Spark Hunters and had every opportunity to kill them, she instead spares them to show that she still values their lives despite having caused her the emotional pain of betrayal and she also strongly refuses to end up being a much worse monster by killing them the way Cursa does. She is also shown to have a soft compassionate side as well which shows that she is very attentive for the well-being of innocent people which is seen when she noticed that Twinkle is frightened of her, she puts her Flying Blade down to show that she isn't a threat and coaxes it into approaching her and she isn't willing to ignore a Darkmess Puddle and is confident in Mario's abilities and willing to tag along with him and she makes it clear that she clearly wants to help others. Edge does not show any interest in being in a romantic relationship which is shown frequently when Rabbid Mario, who fell in love with her after witnessing her fight Cursa's minions, tries to win her heart and makes it known to her, although it was often met with failure when Edge rolls her eyes or gives a blank stare in annoyance. Interestingly, if one looks closely at the photo at the end of the staff roll in Rayman in the Phantom Show, Edge is seen giving a genuine smile at Rabbid Mario, implying that she may have feelings for him though this is unconfirmed if it really was the case, or she was just happy that he did a good deed.


Edge model MRSOH

Edge's model

Edge has most of the traits that most of the Rabbids have, which includes having white fur on most areas of her body, except the inside of her ears, her tummy, on her palms and the bottom of her feet. She has some notable differences with her having slightly smaller ears, large blue eyes that are attached to her head complete with magenta-purple eyeshadow with sharp eyelashes and the area around her mouth is completely white instead of pale, and she has four sharp teeth rather than two top teeth. She also has spiky black hair with green streaks that stands up.

Edge's general attire follows a punk-goth theme which she wears a purple shirt that is torn at the bottom with a black and green zipper jacket with two green belts attached to it, with black fingerless gloves and black and green boots to match.


After Rosalina is possessed by Cursa, Edge was created by it along with Midnite, Bedrock, and Daphne. Unlike the rest of the Spark Hunters, she was given an edge which allows her to be a sentient and sapient Rabbid who can think and act independently, so to accommodate for the role as the Spark Hunters' commander. Eventually Edge was able to see through Cursa's ruthlessness and realizes that she is on the wrong side and attempts to tell the Spark Hunters about it, but they instead betrayed her to remain loyal to Cursa. This results in Edge permanently leaving the Spark Hunters to save the innocent Sparks from them. Edge is unaware that Cursa has created Kanya to take her place as the new leader of the Spark Hunters, though she too despised being a lackey and left for Melodic Gardens where she plots to take down Cursa, just so she can rule the galaxy.

Rabbid Edge

Edge's introduction

During her journey, she arrives on Beacon Beach and watches Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Luigi, and Rabbid Peach enter the Sunrise Temple and shushes the paranoid Augie into keeping quiet and he sinks into the water in fear as she follows the heroes inside the temple. Sometime later, when Cursa's minions were pursuing a Spark named Twinkle in the Darkmess Tentacle and cornered it against the wall, one of them attempts to jump at it. Edge reacts by throwing her Flying Blade at it, which slays the Stooge, and she grabs it when it returns to her, as both the team and the enemies look on in surprise. Edge steps out of the waterfall with her eyes closed and a smile that turns into a devious snicker before she stops and hoists her Flying Blade on her shoulder with her eyes open. She gestures to Cursa's minions disapprovingly, prompting them to attack her, though they proved to be no match for the Rabbid warrior, who single-handedly strikes them down, which amazed the team with Rabbid Mario falling in love with her immediately as she finishes them off. She looks back at Twinkle, who is frightened of her and feared what she might do to it. Instead, Edge smiles and stabs the blade into the floor and coaxes Twinkle to approach her, which it does timidly, until the Giant Wildclaw bursts out of the entrance landing right in front of Edge, who does not move or show fear and snarls back at it. After defeating the beast, Beep-0 informs her that they need the Spark to help get the lighthouse working again as Augie enters to congratulate them for helping Twinkle, but he becomes scared upon seeing Edge and calls her a Spark Hunter, which she corrects him and makes a proper introduction and prefers not to be called Rabbid Edge when Beep-0 refers to her by this name. She sees that they have a ship called the WM ARC and takes up the offer to join them since they have a common goal to save the Sparks and stop Cursa. After the Darkmess Tentacle is destroyed at the lighthouse, restoring the weather and sunlight back to normal, Augie warns the heroes about the Spark Hunters and how they threatened to hurt the inhabitants if he didn't hand over the Sparks to them or if he told anyone about them. JEANIE assures him that they will answer to them and notes that they have enough Purified Darkmess Crystals to make it to Pristine Peaks.

MRSOH Beep-0 Friends how

Confronting Midnite

Edge leans against the wall as she listens to the meeting where they discuss Pristine Peaks' culture while they also notice that the very area is suffering from extremely low temperatures that could threaten life there. Upon arrival, they make their way up the mountain where they destroyed the Darkmess Tentacle there, the Rabbids can be seen making snowmen with Rabbid Mario making a muscular one in the shape of likeness with himself as the head which fails to impress Edge, who just rolls her eyes with Rabbid Peach agreeing with her. As Beep-0 states that they can easily go through Winter Palace now that the storm has ended, Edge warns him that the real storm has actually begun. Once they free the frozen Captain Orion, he is revealed to be distraught over a certain girl who was trapped inside the palace. Once they were inside, they find Midnite appearing to them which Captain Orion assumes to be the ghost of Winter Palace, Edge tells him that she is actually one of Cursa's Spark Hunters. As they encounter Midnite more, they eventually confront her, and the latter is surprised to see Edge with the heroes, and it was shown that they know each other up until Edge shakes her head which Midnite gets upset. Edge tells her to release the girl since it's the smart way to go, and Midnite notes on her new buddies and states that they were friends once, which Edge ends the discussion when the heroes were surprised by that. Midnite taunts Edge about friends not ghosting each other and rather sticking around. Rabbid Rosalina was looking through some books and catches sight of Captain Orion being captured by Midnite which she teams up with the heroes to stop her. After Midnite is defeated, Rabbid Rosalina and Captain Orion have their reunion while Edge confronts Midnite with her Flying Blade in hand, but she lowers it to inform her that she has no intention of killing her, which Midnite leaves in sorrow. Rabbid Rosalina joins the team after learning that they are also seeking the real Rosalina, who recently went missing. They would then head to Palette Prime.

Edge distracting Bedrock

Edge smirking at Bedrock

Edge watches as the team observe Palette Prime as they note on Palette Prime's life and how it has been negatively impacted by the Darkmess, draining the forest of color as well as its life with Woodrow lamenting over its state. Once the Darkmess Tentacle is destroyed, the forest is restored and they head to Woodrow's House to go through the shortcut tunnel to the town where it was found to be under attack, though this was due to a brawl between Bowser and Bedrock. Edge asks if Bowser is a friend of theirs and tells them that Bedrock is a Spark Hunter, and they aren't friends. Bowser glares at Mario before resuming focus on his opponent whom he has locked arms with while Bedrock noticed Edge and becomes distracted, which Bowser takes advantage of and headbutts her though he is quickly thrown into the Darkmess Tentacle where they pass down the Bowzooka to Bowser to aid him. After Bedrock is defeated, Daphne appears and allows her to escape from the heroes, much to their frustration. Bowser reveals that he is also looking for Cursa due to the fact that it brainwashed his army into siding with it and he wants to have them back on his side which is the reason he will be with him for a while before they leave for Terra Flora.

Angry Edge

Edge snapping at Beep-0

As they journey to Terra Flora, they notice that they are within range of Cursa's stronghold, but it is well protected under a barrier, and they don't have the means of breaking it down. When asked if she knew a way to break the barrier, Edge is nearly interrogated by Beep-0 due to the fact that she knows the Spark Hunters somehow, only for an irritated Edge to immediately snap at him and tells him off that her business isn't theirs. Embarrassed about upsetting her, Beep-0 turns his attention to landing on Terra Flora, which they would find to be on the verge of drought since its water volcano Mt. Spout is rendered dormant. They inquire help from the train engineer named Sullivan who takes them on a train ride to Mt. Spout though they were being pursued by an angry Wiggler, which Edge glares at until Rabbid Mario jumps into her arms, surprising her as Sullivan speeds up the train to enter the Darkmess Tentacle, though Wiggler manages to catch up and attack the train, prompting the heroes to fight back and defeated it, allowing them to escape from it safely. Once Terra Flora is saved from the Darkmess Tentacle, Edge shares a bubble with Bowser and glares at him before they end up falling and they would set a course for Barrendale Mesa to seek a shield breaker.

Edge alerting Mario

Edge telling Mario to escape from Cursa.

During their journey for Barrendale Mesa, they learn about a mechanic named Momma, who might be able to install the shield breakers on the WM ARC, Edge has a weird feeling that they will be dealing with one of the most devious Spark Hunters as Beep-0 assumes they have given up and she deflects the subject when they catch on to her words and Momma would hope that they would be able to find her first before anyone else. Due to an electric storm, the ship cannot land so they have to free fall to reach the ground. As each of them jump off, Mario and Edge were pushed off by Bowser and some of the lighter heroes end up landing on the balloon while Bowser accidentally destroys it, which upsets Momma, who tells them that her garage is closed due to the windmill malfunctioning and instructs them to get it working again. Once they save the windmill, "Momma" sends a suspicious transmission that Edge takes notice of but doesn't comment on it any further. Upon returning to the garage, "Momma" is revealed to be Daphne in disguise, who wastes no time trapping the heroes in the Darkmess Dimension and has the real Momma as her hostage. Edge is enraged at Daphne for her actions and instructs the heroes on how to defeat her. Once Daphne is defeated, Cursa appears to them though Rosalina managed to briefly break free and uses her magic to open the portal to the real world to rescue them before Cursa retakes control of her and Edge tells Mario and the rest to escape which they successfully did. Through the Purified Darkmess Crystal, they learn how Cursa and the Sparks came to be and how the events have unfolded in the first place. Momma has managed to install the shield breakers and tells them that hope is their ally.

Mario Heroes (Sparks of Hope)

Edge and the Heroes confront Kanya.

In The Last Spark Hunter, during the trip to Cursa's stronghold, Beep-0 notices that Melodic Gardens has mysteriously fallen silent as well as the presence of Darkmess there, prompting them to change course to investigate the strange events behind it. After freeing the orchestra, they meet with the warden named Allegra, who explains that a Spark Hunter has been causing trouble at Melodic Gardens knowing that interrupting the tunes it plays for a long period of time will end up causing it to cease to exist. Edge is confused by this as she believes that they already dealt with all of them and didn't imagine the existence of another one she isn't aware of. Once they meet Kanya, who is the last Spark Hunter, Edge tells her that she never even knew her. After overcoming the obstacles to open the door to where Allegra and her friend was, Edge and the team look on sympathetically to Allegra, who is comforting the trapped Dorrie. Kanya begins pursuing the heroes as they make their way to Allegra and make use the switches to get close to Allegra to free Dorrie. With Allegra's help, they were able to defeat Kanya, sending her into deep space. Allegra is thankful for their help in defeating Kanya and with Dorrie, they restore harmony to Melodic Gardens. They then leave for Cursa's stronghold.

MRSOH Edge admits

Edge admitting having once been the commander of the Spark Hunters.

Upon arrival at Cursa's stronghold, they use the Shield Breakers that Momma installed and successfully broke down the barrier and they land on the debris. They battle through the first Darkmess Puddle which contained Darkmess Bowser, and the second one had Darkmess Edge, which alarms Beep-0 and JEANIE about the latter and the real Edge becomes determined beyond all range of reason. After Darkmess Edge is defeated, Edge herself is at the point where she could not hide the truth from them anymore and confessed that Cursa brought her to life. She explains that she was the commander of the Spark Hunters, and she was given the edge to be able to lead them effectively but that free will also allowed her to see Cursa as a truly evil monster it was and tried to warn the Spark Hunters, but they end up shunning her. She ends up leaving to save the Sparks before they got a hold of them. She adds that she never told them about herself as she feared that they wouldn't believe her. Beep-0, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi, and Rabbid Mario assure her that her good deeds far overshadow the former person she was and JEANIE comforts her that she is part of their family and no longer needs to keep secrets from them. Edge is relieved and grateful to be alleviated of her fears and the unconditional love they have for her before setting sights on Cursa.

MRSOH Heroes unison

Edge and her friends prepare to defeat Cursa.

As they battle Cursa, Edge and the team all have managed to destroy its hands and attacked the broken star on its front to free the drained Sparks as well as Rosalina, who partakes in the final half of the battle. Once Cursa is weakened, Rabbid Rosalina goes to the front in order to protect Edge and her friends from Cursa as it makes one last effort to destroy them, only for the drained Sparks to use a giant wand to become a beam of energy to cripple Cursa further as the heroes fire their weapons at Cursa with Rosalina merging them into a single arrow which results in Cursa being completely obliterated. With the galaxy saved, Rosalina expresses eternal gratitude for saving her and the galaxy from Cursa and offers her Rabbid counterpart and Edge an opportunity to join her on the Comet Observatory, though Rabbid Rosalina ultimately chooses to stay with her new friends instead as she found family in them and Edge believes that her old buddies are seeking a new profession with Cursa now being vanquished and decides to stay as well to see if she can keep her friends in line. She looks on as the Rabbid characters play around with Bowser to the point where he retaliates by throwing them off and breathing fire in a rage.

Edge makes a small cameo appearance at the end of the staff roll of Rayman in the Phantom Show where she sees Rabbid Mario showing his friends the gift that Rayman gave him and Rabbid Peach, which happens to be a copy of Rayman's hoodie.

Powers and Abilities[]

Edge attacking

Edge's prowess with the Flying Blade.

Edge is extremely proficient with a Flying Blade which primarily acts like a boomerang with her throwing it and the blade returning to her hands hilt first after it reaches a certain range and is also capable of using it normally as well through swinging it like a traditional sword and she will often hold it over her shoulders to keep it handy whenever she needs it. Edge also possesses fast reflexes which helps with her capability as a fighter overall and she closes her eyes to find her center to be able to better focus on her surroundings and once an enemy ends up wandering within her range, she will use her speed to ambush them. Edge is also physically strong as shown when she is capable of carrying the Flying Blade with one hand and can easily defeat any foe that gets in her way.


  • According to Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope producer Xavier Manzanares, Edge's characterization was inspired by Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and Guts from the manga series Berserk.