Ecco the Dolphin was a game released on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1992 and was later re-released on the Wii's Virtual Console and for the 3DS eshop. The game stars Ecco, a dolphin who has the power to shoot rays and use speed boosts.


The main commands of Ecco are the sonar, with which he can talk to other cetaceans, interact with the elements of the game and tune the depths of the sea, and the super-surface, with which can be a high-speed push to move easily in the depths Marinas or hitting his enemies. During the game Here you have to be careful not to end the energy and not to end its oxygen, so it often gets back to surface. Longevity can be increased by playing secret levels (unlockable with the appropriate passwords).



Ecco is swimming with his friends, and as he leans out of the water to make a pirouette a tremendous air trumpet sucks the other dolphins and most of the sea fish leaving the empty ocean. The only survivor is Here, which was at that moment embarrassed out of the water. At this point the protagonist starts looking for his friends to save them. Here you will have to overcome various obstacles and marine hazards. At the end of his long odyssey Here he will find that his friends have been captured by a mysterious aquatic species, the Vortex, who feed the poor cetaceans who are prisoners. To be able to finally release his companions Here he must defeat the queen of these creatures.


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