Earth Atlantis is a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up released for the Nintendo Switch. It has a unique art style resembling sketching that was designed to emulate the idea of the 14th century sea filled with monsters and dangers.


The player dives into the ocean in their submarine using the different weapons to fight various deep sea mechanized monsters. The game focuses on hunting these monsters to put a boss-oriented spin on the side-scrolling shooter genre.

The player unlocks ships as they play. Each one has different weapons and effects and stats.


The game takes place long after the end of the 21st century. The climate shifting caused the Earth's surface to become submerged and civilization to collapse. In this post-apocalyptic underwater world, machines have adapted new forms similar to marine life resulting in hybrid machine-creatures. The player is a "hunter" fighting the dangerous sea monsters


Earth Atlantis received "mixed to average" reviews from critics according to Metacritic with a current Metascore of 71/100.

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