Eagle is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing as a non-playable opponent in the original Street Fighter. He would later return as a playable fighter in the crossover game Capcom vs. SNK 2 before eventually joining the cast of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper. He is an English bouncer, gentleman and a master of the stick fighting martial art, Bōjutsu.


Eagle is a tall, muscular fighter with blond hair arranged in a pompadour; he also has a mustache, and a scar on each side of his face. His pomp, braces (suspenders), and formal dress are designed to make him a mixed counter-culture counterpart to Birdie, a punk; both are also named after golfing terms (an eagle is a score of two shots below par, whereas a birdie is one below par).

In the original Street Fighter, Eagle's outfit consisted of a dinner suit without the jacket, a bow tie, and suspenders. However, in the Game Boy Advance version of Street Fighter Alpha 3, he wears a white dress shirt with a red ascot tie, black pants, white gloves, dark dress shoes and his braces.

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