EA Sports is a brand of Electronic Arts that creates and develops sports video games. These include the FIFA series, the Madden series, and the NHL series.

Games released by EA Sports

Title Format Release Date Source
FIFA 2000GBC1999-10October 1999
FIFA 97SNES1996-06June 1996
FIFA 97GB1996-06June 1996
FIFA 99N641998-06June 1998
FIFA Football 2002GC2001-11November 2001
FIFA International SoccerSNES1993-07July 1993
FIFA International SoccerGB1993-07July 1993
FIFA Soccer 96SNES1995-07July 1995
FIFA Soccer 96GB1995-07July 1995
FIFA: Road to World Cup 98SNES1997-06June 1997
FIFA: Road to World Cup 98GB1997-06June 1997
NHL 06GC2005-09September 2005
NHL 2000GBC2000-02February 2000
NHL 2002GBA2002-03March 2002
NHL 2003GC2002-09September 2002
NHL 2004GC2003-09September 2003
NHL 2005GC2004-09September 2004
NHL 95SNES1994-11November 1994
NHL 96SNES1995-09September 1995
NHL 96GB1996-07July 1996
NHL 97SNES1996-10October 1996
NHL 98SNES1997-12December 1997
NHL 99N641998-10-01October 1, 1998
NHL Hockey '95GB1995-06June 1995
NHLPA Hockey 93SNES1992-12December 1992
NHL SlapshotWii2010-09September 2010

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