E. Gadd's Garage is one of the six boards in Mario Party 6. It has a very mechanical theme and is owned by E. Gadd.

Board Elements

Everything in this garage is mechanical. One of the main gimmicks is the rotating path in the center of the board. During the day, the path cuts across the map while at night, the path forces loops around the portion of the map. In addition, there are only 2 Orb Shops, one on the lower path of the first junction and the second after the giant fan. The Donkey Kong/Bowser Space is right after the 2nd Orb Shop

Event Spaces

Most of the event spaces are various gadgets E. Gadd has developed. The event spaces on conveyor belts send players on conveyor belts back to the junction at the beginning of the board but, players can get Coins this way. There are 3 yellow gear platforms with a teleporter each. Landing on one of those event spaces will randomly send the player to one of the other two.

Landing on the green space next to the giant fan will let that player use the Wealth Suckage Apparatus to take Coins from every player who have to mash A to limit the amount of Coins that are taken. The event spaces by the machine that looks like E. Gadd will summon E. Gadd to let the player exchange his Orbs. During the day, the orbs are transformed, but at night, the orbs are converted to the price at which they are sold at the Orb Shops. The player has to either do it for all their orbs or not at all; they cannot pick and choose what they want. The final event is the Calamity Launcher. Activated by the event space prior to the third teleporter, the player can fire random Character Spaces around the board in exchange for Coins.

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