The Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier, shortened to E.M.M.I., is an extremely resistant type of research robot created by the Galactic Federation. They are set to be a major antagonistic presence in Metroid Dread. Various different types of E.M.M.I.s exist, each with their own strenght and weakness.


The E.M.M.I.s were created to be research robots by the Galactic federation. Prior to the events of Dread, the Federation recieved a mysterious message that confirmed the survival of the X Parasite. The transmition was traced back to the planet ZDR and a group of seven E.M.M.I were sent there to investigate. They immediatly disappear upon their arrival. When Samus Aran arrives on the planet, the E.M.M.I.s have turned hostile and try to kill her.

Types of E.M.M.I

There are multiple subtypes of E.M.M.Is, all having their strenghts and weaknesses. Those are:

  • Damaged E.M.M.I. - Unable to climb walls due to a missing arm.
  • White E.M.M.I - The White E.M.M.I. is able to climb walls but is unable to go through tight passages.
  • Green E.M.M.I - The Green E.M.M.I. is able to follow Samus through tight passages.
  • Yellow E.M.M.I - The Yellow E.M.M.I. runs very fast.
  • Purple E.M.M.I - The Purple E.M.M.I. has a larger field of vision and is able to paralyze Samus with shock waves.
  • Blue E.M.M.I - The Blue E.M.M.I. freezes Samus, making her unable to move.
  • Red E.M.M.I - The Red E.M.M.I. is able to make large explosions, but is destroyed as soon as encountered.


The E.M.M.I.s are virtually invulnerable to Samus' usual equipment. They act as a type of stalker enemy, that will chase Samus through designated areas of the map. In that role, they are very similar to the SA-X from Metroid Fusion. Unlike the SA-X, their encounters are unscripted after the first one and they can be a threat even if the player knows their emplacement. The E.M.M.Is will chase after Samus and if they grab her, the player will have a very small window of time to counter or Samus will be killed in one hit by the robot. While escaping an E.M.M.I. they use sound based detection and vision based detection. If they have Samus in their field of vision, they will run towards her. If they don't, they will guess her position using her last known position and the sound of her footstep. It is possible to bypass their detection by using the Phantom Cloak but it is very coastly in energy.


  • The E.M.M.I.s seem to be a more realized version of the SA-X gameplaywise.