The peripheral.

The e-Reader was a peripheral released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 that unlocks special content for certain Game Boy Advance games. Content includes mini-games, different worlds, or full and complete NES games. The content was added or unlocked by purchasing e-Reader cards and swiping them in.

Among others, Pokémon Battle Arena E-Reader cards and Animal Crossing Cards were released. The Pokémon battle Arena cards allowed you to fight a large amount of predetermined battles for Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire version for the Game Boy Advance whereas the Animal Crossing E-Reader Cards were used for the GameCube version of Animal Crossing and unlocked gifts from your Animal Crossing residents.

In Spring 2004, Nintendo discontinued the e-Reader outside of Japan due to low sales. However, it was supported in Japan until September 2008. The Game Boy Advance family was discontinued an year later.

NES series

The NES series included a total of thirteen different video games with each pack containing five cards to scan before you could actually play it. The first card gives a flavor description for the game and controls; the second card gives some how to play instructions; the third card gives the scoring measures and any warnings to the player; the fourth card gives either tips or info on a separate mode with point tallies; and the fifth card gives either tips or item descriptions. The cards were released in three different series.

Series one:

Series one was initially released on September 16 of 2002. It featured a total of five different games, with each one being sold separately. The games included:


Example of the Balloon Fight-e packaging.

Series two:

Series two also featured five different NES games with each pack coming with five cards each. This set was released on November 12 of 2002 and included:

Series three:

Series three was the final set released. It only included three packs with five cards in each set. They were released on April 21 of 2003, and included:

Model No



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