Dynasty Warriors Advance is a Game Boy Advance video game by Omega Force and Koei. As its name implies, it is part of the Dynasty Warriors series and is the first and only in the series to hit the handheld console.


The game includes a whopping 180 separate battles, each one allowing you to make use of the game's various weapons (a total of 200). The game takes place in ancient China, with each main character offering their own perspective on the events currently occurring (in the game).

After a battle ensues you'll find your army on a giant world map, gradually moving your characters away or towards the enemy. You'll take turns with the opposing force until one or the other is on the same space, in which a live-action battle will start rather than the turn based portions that were present prior. Once this occurs, your goal will be to obliterate a set amount of enemies as fast as possible. The faster you are the better the rewards will be. As in all the Dynasty Warriors video games, the player can execute a Musou Attack that can be launched after the Musou gauge is full (the better you fight the faster it'll fill). These attacks are more powerful than anything else in the title, and can wipe out hordes of enemies and bosses very quickly.

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