The Dusty Dunes Desert is an area in the SNES video game EarthBound. It is visited after Ness and the party rid Threed of zombies, where there is so much traffic the party need to cross by foot the first time. The desert is home to several desert monkeys, a gold mine, and the Sanchez Brothers, as well as a drug store. This area connects Threed and Fourside. A long stretch of road runs through the area.

Places of interest

In the road

A lonely drugstore lies near at the middle of the road, where one can buy wet towels, necessary to cure sunstroke, which only appears in this desert. Further into the road, first unaccesible by the traffic, one finds the Sanchez Brothers, Pincho, Pancho and Tomas Jefferson, a group of Mexican-like men wearing sombreros. They offer the player a lottery-like game in which they turn around with a variable speed and start stopping slowly. Ness and his friends will be given a reward if the three brothers stop at the same direction.

Behind the rocks

Beyond a set of rocks parallel to the road, to the north, a ladder is found. It leads to an underground cave full of monkeys, who will form a maze by asking different kinds of food and blocking different entrances. At the end of this cave lies Talah Rama. One of these monkeys, in addition, is the one who teaches PSI Teleport to Ness. Much more to the east one finds a small cabin where Gerardo Montague plans to dig for gold nearby. Later in the game, this is the place where a gold mine is, guarded by five moles who all claim to be the third strongest ones from among them. As a sidequest, there are two sesame seeds in the desert that want to reunite with each other. They are one-pixel graphics which make them difficult to see in the sand. In addition, a total of two oasis are found in the middle of the desert, and the north leads to a coast of Eagleland.

Important residents

  • Gerardo Montague, a construction worker, brother of George Montague. He is the one responsible for digging the Gold Mine.
  • Talah Rama, a man who lives in a cave full of monkeys. He is capable of levitating.
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