Dust dune galaxy

Mario surrounded by cyclones in the Dusty Dune Galaxy.

Dusty Dune Galaxy is a desert-themed galaxy found in Super Mario Galaxy. It introduces enemies like Pokeys and Cluckbooms.


The planet most of the Stars start on is a giant quicksand planet with several stone platforms, many tornadoes and a few sand pits. On one side of the planet, there is a giant tower with a waterfall of sand. There is also a underground tunnel with Piranha Plants, Thwomps, currents of sand that can force the player back, and one huge boulder that can be destroyed by Fire Mario.

The next notable planet is the Ring Planet with four small platforms. On the other side of the largest platform is a Hungry Luma. The platform in the ring has a Rainbow Star and one of the snaller platforms outside the ring has a Life Mushroom. Four boulders roll around the ring though they can be destroyed with a spin to the red part or the Rainbow Star.

Feeding the Hungry Luma will create the double-sdie Pyramid Planet. Inside it, Mario must collect Silver Stars through a maze of rising and falling sand to access the Green Star.

The traditional path leads to a series of stone planets connected by a fast moving current. Collecting all five blue chips let the player progress to Maze Planet. The Maze Planet is a disk with two sided maze. It features several tornadoes and a reversible tower. Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade can be found throughout here during the purple coin mission.

The Sand Tide planet is the with 3 spires indicating the tide of the sand. hitting the stump at the lowest tide unlocks music notes that reveal a Sling Star taking the player to a disk planet.

The disk planets are a set of sinking and rising disk-shaped planets with one having a tower being in glass and the other one has a Bullet Bill Blaster on one side and the other side is barren with falling blocks.

There are a pair of planets with a giant Pokey on one and coconuts on the other one. The player has to send coconuts to Pokey planet to defeat the Pokey.


  • Soaring on the Desert Winds
  • Blasting through the Sand
  • Sunbaked Sand Castle
  • Sandblast Speed Run
  • Purple Coins in the Desert
  • Bullet Bill on Your Back
  • Treasure of the Pyramid
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