Ludwig is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses also known as Duke Aegir exclusively in Three Houses. He is the Prime Minister of the Adrestian Empire and the father of Ferdinand.

Ludwig is the latest in a long line of Dukes of Aegir to inherit the position of Prime Minister of the Adrestian Empire. In Imperial Year 1171, he masterminded the Insurrection of the Seven, a soft coup that stripped Emperor Ionius IX of much of his power and reduced him to a figurehead. Since then, Ludwig has effectively ruled the Empire from behind the throne and worked closely with Those Who Slither in the Dark, performing experiments on the Emperor's children.

When Edelgard is made Emperor, one of her first decrees is to strip him of his titles. Ludwig tries to argue before backing down. He is then placed under house arrest.

In Ferdinand and Lysithea's Paralogue, Ludwig escapes from house arrest and winds up in Hrym territory. Confronted by people who have experienced atrocities by Aegir's rule, along with Lord Arundel's actions in Aegir's name, Ludwig is killed.

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