Consul Dughall is an Ardainian bureaucrat in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Dughall is a selfish individual working as the administrator of the Imperial Province of Gormott, a province annexed to the Empire of Mor Ardain. However, Dughall also works with the chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild, Bana on shady businesses in hope of gain enough money to further his position in the Ardainian Empire. Despise his bad intentions, Edgar, the Gormotti leader mention that he was a very competent administrator and the chaos left after his defeat at the hands of the party only helped crime to flourish in the region. He is also shown to be a Driver during his battle against the party even if he use his Blade, Dolmes, as a meatshield and use an Ardainian gun in combat.


Dughall is fought as a level 13 boss alongside Dolmes, his Blade, at the end of the Titan Battleship in Torigoth.

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