Dry Skin(JP) is a Pokémon ability introduced in the fourth generation.


The ability holder will lose 1/8 of their maximum HP in harsh sunlight but regain 1/8 of their health in the rain at the end of each turn. The ability holder also takes an additional 25% damage from Fire type attacks but regain 1/4 of their health when hit by a Water type attack. However, this effect will not occur if the user is protected from the attack, such as from the move Protect.

Additionally, if the Pokémon is holding an Absorb Bulb or Luminous Moss, Dry Skin absorbs the move before triggering the effect.

Pokémon with the Ability

Paras Parasect Croagunk Toxicroak Helioptile Heliolisk
PKMN046.png PKMN047.png PKMN453.png PKMN454.png PKMNXY694.png PKMNXY695.png

As a Hidden Ability

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