Dry Dry Ruins

Dry Dry Ruins is the remains of an ancient temple found in Dry Dry Desert in Paper Mario. The ancient ruins used to be the home of a royal Nomadimouse. The Dry Dry Desert used to be the Dry Dry Kingdom and the Nomadimouse was the king. However a group of bandits raided the temple and killed the king leaving the temple to be deserted and hidden for years. Years later, Bowser had told his minion, Tutankoopa to take over Dry Dry Ruins and guard the Star Spirit Mamar. With the help of Moustafa, Mario and party were able to find the ruins and defeat Tutankoopa, saving the Star Spirit.


Dry Dry Desert Race

The Dry Dry Ruins racetrack in Mario Kart Wii.

Mario Kart series

A track called Dry Dry Ruins in Mario Kart Wii is based around this area.

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