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Dry Dry Desert is an expansive desert, only accessible from Mt. Rugged. It is heavily inhabited by Bandits, Pokeys, and dust devils. An oasis can be found in the southern part of the desert. Two areas have cactus statues. Also found in the area, is Dry Dry Ruins along with Dry Dry Outpost and an encampment midway through the desert. Kolorado began an expedition to find the Dry Dry Ruins, and camps midway through the desert. A path leads to Dry Dry Outpost. Various ? Blocks can be found scattered around the desert. The oasis also has a partner upgrade block and a healing block.


A long time ago, the Dry Dry Desert was once known as Dry Dry Kingdom and was separate from the Mushroom Kingdom. However, the Nomadimouse king of this desert was attacked and killed in his palace in Dry Dry Ruins. The bandits later built Dry Dry Outpost. Soon the desert would become a part of the Mushroom Kingdom. Many years later, Bowser had his minion Tutankoopa hide in Dry Dry Ruins. Then Mario came and defeated him saving the Star Spirit.


A track in Mario Kart: Double Dash‼ is based around Dry Dry Desert.

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