Drumstick the Rooster is an overalls-wearing rooster and an unlockable character in Diddy Kong Racing and the remake Diddy Kong Racing DS. Prior to the game's events, Drumstick was transformed into a frog by Wizpig. His theme instrument from the character selection screen is a fiddle or a violin.

To unlock Drumstick, the player is required to have four gold trophies and 39 Gold Balloons. This makes a frog with a rooster comb appear in the hub center of Timber's Island. The player must drive over that frog to unlock Drumstick.

Like Banjo and Krunch, Drumstick is a heavyweight racer, resulting in high top speed and poor acceleration and handling. Drumstick's top speed without bananas is 61.5 mph. T.T., the other unlockable character, is the only racer faster than him, though he is faster than TT on plane. In the remake, Drumstick's vehicles are slower, but his acceleration was significantly improved to being among highest. He also has slightly higher handling.

The method to unlock Drumstick is different in Diddy Kong Racing DS: in the Timber's Island hub, the player must use the stylus to flick a frog on a cliff next to the Wizpig head. It then hops back down with a rooster's comb. Like the original version, the player must drive over the frog to unlock Drumstick.

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