Eel Attack

Drip Drop Galaxy.

Drip Drop Galaxy is a galaxy that appeared in Super Mario Galaxy. It only has one planet. The galaxy's residents are 13 penguins, some Gringills, fish, Torpedo Teds, and the only Porcu-Puffer found in the game in a chest.


Main Planet

This is the only planet in the galaxy, made up of a large mass of water, several islands, and a sandy core with some boulders, what looks like a sunken airship, a sunken Starshroom, and some volcanic vents.


Giant Eel Outbreak

This is the only mission of Drip Drop Galaxy. Because of three Gringills that are swimming underwater, the penguins living on the islands can't swim anymore. To defeat the Gringills, Mario must find some Koopa Shells and throw them at the Gringills. After all of the Gringills have been defeated, Mario will be rewarded a Power Star.

Planets Visited During Mission:

  • Main Planet

Enemies Encountered During Mission:

  • Urchins
  • Gringills
  • Porcu-Puffer
  • Torpedo Teds

Characters Encountered During Mission:

  • Penguins


  • Drip Drop Galaxy's name is a pun on the sound that raindrops make, since almost the whole planet is water.

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