Dreamy Mario is a dream version of Mario that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He was created by Antasma to defeat Mario and Dreamy Luigi while he watches over him doing so with Princess Peach in his grip. He serves as the first boss fought in the Dream World as well as the boss of the Dreamy Pi'illo Castle, and is identical in appearance to Mario barring the purple cloud that surrounds him. In battle, he is capable of creating various copies of himself and using them to attack Mario.


Dreamy mario rip
Level 5
HP 96
Power 30
Defense 30
Speed 19
Weakness None
Experience given 75
Coins given 45
Item Drop So-so Boots (100%)
No Hitter None


  • As he is created at the start of the battle and destroyed at the end, he has no overworld sprites.
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