Dream Home.

Dream Home(JP) is the Villager's final smash in the Super Smash Bros. series. The Villager traps an enemy and calls Tom Nook to build a house. This house will explode soon after completion launching all in the area.


The move is a short ranged Final Smash, only trapping the opponents immediately in front of Villager. Opponents trapped by this attack will continuously spin until the house explodes, nullifying knockback they experience in that time. The Villager pays a bag of Bells to Tom Nook to build a house with Timmy and Tommy, stuffing it with Animal Crossing furniture. After a fanfare, the hose will explode and deal 45% to the ones trapped inside and 10% to those nearby.

Trophy Descriptions



  • When the house explodes, Tom Nook and Timmy and Tommy are sent flying.