The Dreaded Octonozzle is an Octarian who serves as a boss in Splatoon. It is one of the five Great Octoweapon used by the Octarians in battle.


Before the Games

The Octonozzle was an Octoweapon created during The Great Turf War by the Octarian army. When everything looked victorious for the Octarians, a plug was pulled and caused the Octonozzle and the rest of the Octo Weapons to shut down. Nearly 100 years later the Octonozzle was powered up again by a Zapfish stolen by DJ Octavio in order to defeat the Inklings and claim the surface.


The Octonozzle is awakened when Agent 3 arrives to its Kettle in Sector 2. It will then attack by shooting balls of Ink from its "nose" until Agent 3 pops all the suction cups to reveal the weak point. It will then lift its body up one in order to make it more diffucult for 3 to pop the targets. After splatting the tentacle three times, Octonozzle will be defeated and then explodes.

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