Dragon Quest IV also known as Dragon Warrior IV for the original North American release for the NES in 1992 is a video game initially released in 1990. The game was later got an remake under the title Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen for the Nintendo DS.




In the prologue (missing from the NES version) the hero of the story, Solo/Sofia is introduced. The hero is in sword training in his small village. Afterward, he goes home. The prologue ends there, and it is the shortest chapter in the game.

Chapter 1

Ragnar McRyan, a soldier in the kingdom of Burland, is given orders to search for missing children in a nearby town. Ragnar, along with Healie the Healslime, find and defeat the monster who took the children. The duo discover that the monsters were searching for the legendary hero, who is believed to be a child. Upon learning this, Ragnar and Healie set out to find and protect this hero (although Healie actually just wants to turn into a human, and believes that he can by travelling with one).


1992 North American localization

Nintendo DS remake




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