Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a sandbox game for the Nintendo Switch developed and published by Square Enix. It will be published by Nintendo outside of Japan


The player gathers blocks and builds camps and villages from them which level up from how much it is built up. The monsters that get in the player's way are various Dragon Quest monsters. On top of managing their towns, players must keep track of their health and eat food regularly.


The title takes place after the events of Dragon Quest II, after the corrupt cleric Hargon planned to destroy the world bringing back to life the God of Destruction, Malroth; who was finally defeated by the descendants of the heroes. However, a sect was formed with the intention of bringing back chaos to the world, The Order of Hargon, destroying the builders. Its objective is near to culminate, having devastated cities and castles by all the world and having taken prisoner the protagonist of the adventure.

From there, he will have to escape from captivity and put an end to these evil plans in a journey that will allow him to meet a mysterious young man with amnesia called Malroth, which, is the name that the God of Destruction once received.

Arid terrain.


  • Vacant Island
  • Cultivation Island:

A discovered area where building begin anew. The player can choose the environment type of the island.

Gameplay in the darkness.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 receives "generally favorable" reviews on Metacritic holding a metascore of 85/100 based on 25 critic reviews.[2]

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