Dragon Marked for Death is a side scrolling beat 'em up for the Nintendo Switch developed and published by INTI CREATES. The game is split into two package digitally as Frontline Fighters and Advanced Attackers with the other version's content being available as DLC.


Dragon Marked For Death is a side-scrolling beat 'em up with RPG mechanics that can be played alone or with four players, both local and online. There are 4 playable characters with the straightforward ones being in the Frontline Fighters version and the more complex ones being a part of the Advanced Attackers. Like an RPG, the players increase their status by taking on various quests. Each character has their own stats with access to equipment limited by level.


The first character and the central protagonist is the Empress which wields the Dragon Fang in her right arm. With her dragon breath and sword, she is a mixed fighter that can deal the most raw damage.

The second character is the Warrior which wields the Dragon Scales around his body. With his armor and the scales, he can provide the best defense absorbing damage for his allies as well as dealing strong damage in his berserk. He also has a tackle which can stun enemies and destroy obstacles.

The third character is the Shinobi which wields the Dragon Wings in his legs. Similar to Gunvolt in the Azure Gunvolt series, he can charge into an enemy to tag it making it so all the projectiles target it. He is also able to swiftly move allowing access to otherwise out-of-reach areas.

The fourth character is the witch utilizes the dragon's knowledge to craft a variety of powerful spells. She chains together incantations to change the kind of spells used. She can also heal.



The game is about a tribe of people that were descended from the Astral Dragon. Long ago, the Astral Dragon Atruum was struck down by the The Dragonblood Clan was hunted down by the Divine Family with many of the world residents holding resentment against them. The game picks up with the clan scattered and almost extinct. Each of the playable characters makes a contract with Atruum to gain the dragon's power to strike revenge against the Medius Empire.