Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzō Ningen is a role playing game based on the Dragon Ball series and released only in Japan by Bandai on August 7, 1992, for the Famicom.


In Ressen Jinzō Ningen, you control many characters from the animé series, including Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Yamcha, Trunks, and Vegeta, who has now joined the team. In battles, you have three active characters, but you can switch and train them in between. The RPG system is similar to the one used in the previous two games: your movements on the field and during battles are determined by the type of cards you choose from several available ones. The cinematic battle sequences are now more fast-paced, and there are many mini-games to speed up the leveling up.



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