Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 2 is a fighting game based on the Dragon Ball anime and manga series. It was released for the Super Nintendo on December 17, 1993 in Japan, and in June 1994 in France and Spain. A digital copy of the game was made available as a bonus for people who pre-ordered Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden for the 3DS.


In the Story Mode, the player can control Gohan, Future Trunks, Vegeta, or Piccolo. It follows different branches of the story depending on the player's decisions, victories, and loss.


  • Gohan (Super Saiyan 2)
  • Perfect Cell
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
  • Cell Jr.
  • Future Trunks (Super Saiyan)
  • Zangya
  • Piccolo
  • Bojack

Secret Characters

  • Goku (Super Saiyan)
  • Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)


The Dragon Team are training for the Cell Games and the player must choose a sparring partner for his or her character: Goku or one of the other playable characters in the mode. The story then follows the Cell Games, including Mr. Satan's appearance, Cell self destructing and coming back. Gohan uses the Father-Son Kamehameha if the player does not defeat Cell during their second confrontation.

The "Resurrection! Galaxy Warrior" story is unlocked after Cell's defeat. The Galaxy Soldiers Bojack and Zangya arrive on Earth and try to get the Dragon Balls. They trick the Z Fighters into fighting each other with evil clones of Gohan, Future Trunks, Vegeta, or Piccolo. In the "Sudden shock ! Duel" branch, Bojack and Zangya use gigantic machines to spread the Destron Gas on Earth, and use the Cell Juniors as henchmen. If the Z Fighters fail to defeat Bojack, Broly will appear and kill him, thus ending the Story Mode.

If the player completes certain tasks during the Story Mode (only on difficulty levels 3 or 4), the "Legendary Super Saiyan?" story will be unlocked. Broly arrives on Earth in order to find Kakarot (Goku, who has been killed during the "Cell Games" story), and attacks the Z Fighters.


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