Dragon Ball Z: Kyōshū Saiyajin is a role playing game based on the Dragon Ball Z anime series. It was released only in Japan by Bandai on October 27, 1990, for the Famicom. There was a limited edition gold cartridge of the game released.


In Dragon Ball Z: Kyōshū Saiyajin, you control multiple characters from the series: Son Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Tienshinhan, Chao-Zu, and Son Gohan. You have to train each character by taking him to battles. All the movements in the game, in battle as well as on the field, occur by collecting and choosing cards of various strength. You move around by selecting a card, and can advance a certain amount of fields depending on its value. You train characters in special training stations before taking them to fights. Once you have trained your character and chose the cards, the battles flow automatically, as cinematic sequences that show Son Goku and his foes exchanging blows while flying.



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