Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension is a fighting game, distributed for Super Famicom in Japan and for Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe. The game features a Story mode that begins with the Freezer arc and ends with the Bu arch, although this mode was omitted from the European version in French without any official motivation. It is thought that this choice is due to an incomplete translation in good time for the release.


The game is a classic two-dimensional shotgun. The characters possess basic moves such as punches, kicks and small spheres of ki, but also special moves as combo and energy waves. For example, Goku will run the Kamehameha, while Vegeta will be the Final Flash.

Each character has a "desperate move", executable when the player's "life bar" is flashing (80's of life or below). For example: in his desperate move, Goku loads his aura, teleports in front of his opponent and hits him with a short combo, turns into Super Saiyan 3 and uses Ryū-ken. The opponent, now helpless in the air, is finished with a Genki Dama.

Some of the Stages where they are fighting are multi-tier: with a certain combo they can slam the opponent into another screen, both upwards (eg in the sky, toward the Palace of God), and on the side, Or down.

Characters can also make attacks from the background and restore their health by reloading the aura.


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