Dragon Ball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi 3 is a Wii video game. Over 100 playable characters are included, and a shory story mode as well. Dragon Ball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi 3 moves forward from the classic button bashing fighters. Wii Remote actions now control special attacks, pulling of Goku's Kamehameha, for example, you keep the cursor on-screen while holding B and Z, and pulling the Wii-mote backwards and then shoving forward just like the real motion.


The game features over 161 characters and 30 different environments including morning, evening and night. Compared to previous versions arenas introduced a new alternating day / night system that allows players to harness the powers conferred on Saiyan by the full moon, which will give the opportunity to the warriors Saiyan become Great Apes, and each arena its various specific features to be exploited in combat. new characters like King Cold, King Vegeta, Nail, General Blue, Spike the Devilman, Arale, Android 8, young Chichi, the magician Babidi, Spopovich, Tambourine, Fasha, Dr. Wheelow, Future Gohan, and Goku from Dragon Ball GT has been added.

This chapter implements for the first time ever only in the Wii version on-line mode (1v1 fighting) so we can challenge opponents around the world.


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