Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans is a game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Bandai Namco for the Nintendo DS in 2009.


Presented in traditional 2-D animation sprites, the game consists of three modes to help navigate, the map of the Dragon World, the area maps, and the battle mode. The world map is available from the start, and gives players easy access to each of the areas throughout the game. On area maps the player navigates through various places such fields, forests, caves, and towns on the top screen. The touch screen displays available equipment that can be used while in fields. These items are available courtesy of Capsule Corporation Dyno-Caps which can be bought, given, or found in various spots and or treasure chests. Many of these areas have obstacles such as rocks and brush which the player has to overcome with ki blasts. However, some of these obstacles require stronger levels of ki blasts. The battle screen takes place at the screen with the party facing off with a monster or a boss, their stats and the command select icon presented via the touch screen. The game makes little to no use of the stylus, forcing players to rely on the control pad.

In combat, the player's active party members consist of only first three members of their party or less. Players can swap available members at any time throughout the game. Each character has a few set attacks and techniques at the player's disposal while the rest are locked. When the player wins a battle, each member of their party will earn Ability Points or AP. Ability Points can be used to buy or upgrade skills in a character's skill menu. When certain skills are unlocked or upgraded new skills will become available. Each character has a "Rage Gage". This meter will gradually fill throughout the course of combat. When a character's gauge is full, they can perform an ultimate attack. If two or more characters gauges are full, the player can execute a Sparking Combo. By which the chosen characters will perform a tag team attack. When an ultimate attack or a Sparking Combo is performed the gauge returns to zero. Players also have the ability to block enemy attacks with the Active Guard or A Guard. This allows a chosen character to only take minimal damage when their corresponding button is pressed at the moment before an attack.