Traits of Dragon types

Dragon type Pokémon are generally rather rare in Pokémon games, and some are even considered to be Mythical Pokémon due to such rare sightings of them; indeed, Dratini was long thought to be extinct.

In the games, Dragon types are only weak against Ice and Dragon type moves. They are also highly resistant to Fire, Electric, Grass and Water type moves, with all four being featured as the starting Pokémon's types in the first Generation. Due to these traits, they are considered to be very powerful; the only thing that resists Dragon type moves is Steel, which can easily be countered with Fire, Ground or Fighting types. The combination of Dragon and Fire in particular is only resisted by one Pokémon. Unfortunately, these factors tend to be balanced by the fact that the Dragon type is often paired with types that give it a double weakness (for example, the Flying-type, giving the Pokémon a double weakness to Ice). This means that whilst Dragons are powerful, they are not unstoppable. Additionally, in the sixth generation, the new fairy type runs as a direct counter to dragon types. Dragon attacks cannot hurt it and Fairy attacks are super-effective against it.

List of dragon-type Pokémon

Image Pokémon Type Information
PKMN147.png Dratini DragonDragon The first dragon type Pokémon in the Pokémon series.
PKMN148.png Dragonair DragonDragon Evolves from Dratini.
PKMN149.png Dragonite DragonDragonFlyingFlying Evolves from Dragonair. It is a very strong Pokémon. It gains a Flying type
PKMN230.png Kingdra WaterWaterDragonDragon Evolves from Seadra. First Water/ Dragon
PKMN329.png Vibrava GroundGroundDragonDragon Evolves from Trapinch. First Ground / Dragon
PKMN330.png Flygon GroundGroundDragonDragon Evolves from Vibrava.
PKMN334.png Altaria DragonDragonFlyingFlying Evolves from Swablu.
PKMN371.png Bagon DragonDragon A Pokémon that wants to know how to fly.
PKMN372.png Shelgon DragonDragon The evolution of Bagon. It has a shell that peels of once it evolves.
PKMN373.png Salamence DragonDragonFlyingFlying After its long held dream of flying, this Pokémon got its wings. The evolution of Shelgon. It is a very strong Pokémon.
PKMN380.png Latias DragonDragonPsychicPsychic
PKMN381.png Latios DragonDragonPsychicPsychic
PKMN384.png Rayquaza DragonDragonFlyingFlying The mascot for Pokémon Emerald. It lives in the ozone Layer.
PKMN443.png Gible DragonDragonGroundGround A Pokémon that lives in caves.
PKMN444.png Gabite DragonDragonGroundGround The evolution of Gible.
PKMN445.png Garchomp DragonDragonGroundGround A very strong Pokémon. The evolution of Gabite.
PKMN483.png Dialga SteelSteelDragonDragon The mascot for Pokémon Diamond. It has the power to control time.
PKMN484.png Palkia WaterWaterDragonDragon The mascot for Pokémon Pearl. It has the power to distort space.
PKMN487-A.png Giratina GhostGhostDragonDragon The mascot for Pokémon Platinum. It controls antimatter and the Distortion World.
PKMN610.png Axew DragonDragon
PKMN611.png Fraxure DragonDragon
PKMN612.png Haxorus DragonDragon
PKMN621.png Druddigon DragonDragon
PKMN633.png Deino DarkDarkDragonDragon First Dark / Dragon
PKMN634.png Zweilous DarkDarkDragonDragon
PKMN635.png Hydreigon DarkDarkDragonDragon
PKMN643.png Reshiram DragonDragonFireFire The mascot for Pokémon Black.
PKMN644.png Zekrom DragonDragonElectricElectric The mascot for Pokémon White.
PKMN646.png Kyurem DragonDragonIceIce
PKMN691.png Dragalge PoisonPoisonDragonDragon
PKMN696.png Tyrunt RockRockDragonDragon
PKMN697.png Tyrantrum RockRockDragonDragon
PKMN704.png Goomy DragonDragon
PKMN705.png Sliggoo DragonDragon
PKMNXY706.png Goodra DragonDragon
PKMN714.png Noibat FlyingFlyingDragonDragon
PKMN715.png Noivern FlyingFlyingDragonDragon
PKMN718.png Zygarde DragonDragonGroundGround
PKMNSM776.png Turtonator FireFireDragonDragon
PKMNSM780.png Drampa NormalNormalDragonDragon
PKMNSM782.png Jangmo-o DragonDragon
PKMNSM783.png Hakamo-o DragonDragonFightingFighting
PKMNSM784.png Kommo-o DragonDragonFightingFighting
PKMNSM799.png Guzzlord DarkDarkDragonDragon
PKMNSM804.png Naganadel PoisonPoisonDragonDragon
PKMNSS840.png Applin GrassGrassDragonDragon
PKMNSS841.png Flapple GrassGrassDragonDragon
PKMNSS842.png Appletun GrassGrassDragonDragon
PKMNSS880.png Dracozolt ElectricElectricDragonDragon
PKMNSS882.png Dracovish WaterWaterDragonDragon
PKMNSS884.png Duraludon SteelSteelDragonDragon
PKMNSS885.png Dreepy DragonDragonGhostGhost
PKMNSS886.png Drakloak DragonDragonGhostGhost
PKMNSS887.png Dragapult DragonDragonGhostGhost
PKMNSS890.png Eternatus PoisonPoisonDragonDragon

Forms with Dragon-type

Image Pokémon Type Access
PKMNXY006-X.png Mega Charizard X FireFireDragonDragon
PKMNSM103-A.png Exeggutor
PKMN181-M.png Mega Ampharos ElectricElectricDragonDragon
PKMN254-M.png Mega Sceptile GrassGrassDragonDragon Hold Sceptilite
PKMN334-M.png Mega Altaria DragonDragonFairyFairy
PKMN373-M.png Mega Salamence DragonDragonFlyingFlying Hold Salamencite
PKMN380-M.png Mega Latias DragonDragonPsychicPsychic Hold Latiasite
PKMN381-M.png Mega Latios DragonDragonPsychicPsychic Hold Latiosite
PKMN384-M.png Mega Rayquaza DragonDragonFlyingFlying Have Dragon Ascent in moveset
PKMN445-M.png Mega Garchomp DragonDragonGroundGround Hold Garchompite
PKMN487-O.png Giratina
Origin Forme
GhostGhostDragonDragon Hold the Griseous Orb
PKMN493-Dragon.png Arceus
Dragon Type
DragonDragon Hold the Draco Plate
PKMN646-W.png White Kyurem DragonDragonIceIce
PKMN646-B.png Black Kyurem DragonDragonIceIce
PKMNSM718-10.png Zygarde
10% Forme
DragonDragonGroundGround Collect at least 10 cells and go to the Reassembly Unit
PKMNSM718-C.png Zygarde
Complete Forme
DragonDragonGroundGround After collecting all 100 cells, hit 50% or lower HP if the Zygarde has Power Construct
PKMNSM773-Dragon.png Silvally
Dragon type
DragonDragon Hold Dragon Memory
PKMNSM800-Ultra.png Ultra Necrozma PsychicPsychicDragonDragon Dusk Mane Necrozma or Dawn Wings Necrozma holding Ultranecrozium

List of dragon-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Dragon Rage SpecialSpecial Cool 10 40 HP 100% First
Outrage PhysicalPhysical Cool 15 120 100% Second
DragonBreath SpecialSpecial Cool 20 60 100% Second
Twister SpecialSpecial Cool 20 40 100% Second
Dragon Claw PhysicalPhysical Cool 15 80 100% Third
Dragon Dance StatusStatus Cool 20 Third
Dragon Pulse SpecialSpecial Smart 10 90 100% Fourth
Dragon Rush PhysicalPhysical Cool 10 100 75% Fourth
Draco Meteor SpecialSpecial Smart 5 140 90% Fourth
Roar of Time SpecialSpecial Cool 5 150 90% Fourth
Spacial Rend SpecialSpecial Tough 5 100 95% Fourth
Dragon Tail PhysicalPhysical Tough 10 60 90% Fifth
Dual Chop PhysicalPhysical Tough 15 40 90% Fifth
Clanging Scales SpecialSpecial 5 110 100% Seventh
Core Enforcer SpecialSpecial 10 100 100% Seventh
Dragon Hammer PhysicalPhysical 15 90 100% Seventh
Breaking Swipe PhysicalPhysical 15 60 100% Eighth
Clangorous Soul StatusStatus 5 Eighth
Dragon Darts SpecialSpecial 10 50 100% Eighth
Dynamax Cannon SpecialSpecial 5 100 100% Eighth
Eternabeam SpecialSpecial 5 160 90% Eighth

Z-Moves and Max Moves

  • Devastating Drake (Dragonium Z)
  • Clangorous Soulblaze (Kommonium Z) - Clanging Scales
  • Max Wyrmwind
  • G-Max Depletion - Duraludon
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