DragonStrike is an NES video game and is part of the popular Dungeons and Dragons role playing games franchise. Nevertheless, the game belongs to the scrolling shooter genre, and it lacks any role-playing element (no dialogue, no backtracking, no character development).

The protagonist of the game rides on top of a metal-scaled dragon and wields a variety of different weapons and magical attacks. The dragon is required to kill the enemy soldiers and oftentimes attack other dragons. Archers are usually stationed at the ground, and if your character comes too close, they'll shoot arrows. After completing stages, the player will be allowed to have a stronger dragon and more health points than before. In all, there are three different types of dragons the player can chose from, and the ending will change depending on which dragon the player chose.

The game is a complete remake of the computer game with the same title. The original was a first-person flight simulator with 40 missions, the NES remake is a top-down scrolling-shooter with 14 missions only.


Dragonlance series

Only three of the eight Dragonlance video games were ported to Nintendo systems: two action-platform games, and a scrolling shooter.

  1. Heroes of the Lance: ported to the NES in 1991; action-platform game.
  2. Dragons of Flame: ported to the NES in Japan only in 1992; action-platform game.
  3. Shadow Sorcerer: for computers only; real-time strategy game.
  4. War of the Lance: for computers only; turn-based strategy game.
  5. DragonStrike: completely remade for the NES in 1992; scrolling shooter game.
  6. Champions of Krynn: for computers only; role-playing game.
  7. Death Knights of Krynn: for computers only; role-playing game.
  8. The Dark Queen of Krynn: for computers only; role-playing game.
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