Dragalia Lost is an action role-playing game for mobile devices. It is the first original mobile game by Nintendo and the first in their partnership with Cygames. It came out on September 27 in North America and certain parts of Asia.


The main gameplay is divided into missions. In a party of 4, the player defeats monsters in a dungeon and then faces a boss monster at the end of the dungeon. Dungeons also have traps that can hurt the party. The player moves by dragging their finger on the screen in the direction the player wants to move. The player can attack by tapping the screen. To dodge attacks (indicated by a red shape on the ground, the player swipes in the direction they want to dodge. To switch characters, the player touches the character portrait. Each character has a special move which the player can activate by tapping the icon next to the character portrait. With enough special energy, the player can transform the active character into a dragon and deal massive amounts of damage. All missions can be played in co-op in which the AI companions are played by real people

The bosses are much stronger than the average enemy with several times the health. They also do much more varied attacks. Similar to Granblue Fantasy, the bosses have a mode bar which fills with damage taken. It will first go into Overdrive which means the boss will deal more damage but, when the bar is filled again, the boss will be stunned in Break which allows the player to wail on it with combos.

Each character has a weapon type (that determines their combat style) and an element. They can also equip a Wyrmsprint and be bonded to dragon the player has. The enemies also have elements which have weaknesses and resistances.



Long ago, a man known as Alberius used the power of the six Greatwyrms to free the land from evil and found the country of Alberia. The current royal family of Alberia has the power to turn into dragons, and temporarily grant this power to their allies. The seventh heir to the throne, Euden, his twin sister Zethia, and their faerie friend Notte set out to forge a pact with a Greatwyrm.

Chapter 1

Euden, Zethia, and Notte head out to forge a pact with the Greatwyrm, Midgardsormr. Along the way, they meet Elisanne, a paladin who is being attacked by an assassin, and Ranzal, a mercenary. At the climax of the story, Zethia is kidnapped by what appears to be a possessed version of their father, Aurelius. Euden fights Aurelius and transforms into Elysium, the Holywyrm, who is not one of the Greatwyrms. Despite this, he is unable to free Zethia. Euden successfully forms a pact with Midgardsormr, although a mysterious girl who resembles Zethia tells them not to. Euden also meets Cleo, who has been protecting the Halidom, a holy land. Euden and his allies decide to make the Halidom their base of operations.

Chapter 2

Euden and the Halidom find out that Aurelius has renamed the kingdom to Dyrenell, which is the name of an evil empire from long ago. Euden meets Luca, his sister Sarisse, who are Sylvans, a species of people with bunny ears. Euden comes into conflict with his brother Emile, the sixth heir. Emile made a pact with the Waterwyrm Mercury, but when she finds out Emile doesn't intend to hold up his part of the deal they made, she severs her pact with him and makes one with Euden.

Chapter 3

Aurelius attempts to go to the volcano where Brunhilda, the Flamewyrm lives, so they can kill her. Euden and the Halidom find out about this, so they go to the volcano to stop him. They succeed in doing so, and Euden forges a pact with Brunhilda, who falls in love with Euden and decides to take on a human form. This human form is of Mym, a trusted advisor of Alberius.

Chapter 4

Euden climbs up the mountain where the Lightwyrm Jupiter resides. He discovers that Emile is doing the same thing, and the brothers race up the mountain. Euden gets there first, and defeats Jupiter in combat, but Jupiter tells Euden that to forge a pact with him, he must kill Emile. Euden refuses, and Jupiter reveals that this was a part of the trial all along, and makes a pact with him.

Chapter 5

The mysterious girl reappears and leads the Halidom to the ruins where Aurelius and Zethia are. They find out that Aurelius forged a pact with the Shadowwyrm Zodiark. Euden defeats Zodiark while the girl and Zethia attempt to exorcize Aurelius. It fails, Aurelius takes Zethia deeper into the ruins, and the girl disappears entirely. They find Aurelius and Zethia once again, engaged in combat. Euden attempts to help Zethia, but she instead attacks him. As it turns out, the Other, the being that had possessed Aurelius, had now possessed Zethia, as was its plan the whole time. Zethia attempts to kill Euden, but Aurelius jumps in the way. Zethia succeeds in opening the Flow Eternal, and escapes. Somehow, as Aurelius dies, he becomes one with Zodiark. Euden forges a pact with Zodiark, making him the one to have forged pacts with all five living Greatwyrms. Zethia declares herself Empress Zethia Auspex of the Nether, and takes over the kingdom.

Chapter 6

Euden stays at the Halidom, helping any refugees that come through. He encounters his brother, Valyx. Valyx knows the empire is evil, but he stays out of loyalty. Valyx battles Euden, and questions him as to what exactly his purpose is. Euden does not know the answer until later. In the end, Euden declares the Halidom independent from Dyrenell, and declares it as New Alberia.

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10


Dragalia Lost is the result of a partnership between Nintendo and Cygames. It also marked Nintendo buying 5% of Cygames' stock. The game was first revealed to the public via a trailer following Nintendo's April 2018 investor meeting. Soon after, an official twitter was launched teasing details about the characters in between the game's announcement and launch.

The game had a Nintendo Direct detailing the game's systems on August 29, 2018.



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